Tap-s-tri Collection

The tap-s-tri Collection is a line of custom tea towels developed by Calgary-based fine linens company inspirati. For over 10 years, inspirati has sourced, designed, and sold gazillions of tea towels to customers around the world who share their love for high quality, unique linens.
Now, your organization can design and sell a custom tea towel by the world’s leading weaver, Le Jacquard Français, using your logo, your photos, or your own unique designs. Our team will work with you to create the perfect custom towel and provide you with information to help you promote the finished towels as a branding device, or as a fundraising initiative.
                  Photo courtesy of Le Jacquard Français

The tap-s-tri process

• We help you design a 24” x 31” tea towel with your brand’s logo, colours, and desired patterns - we will help you execute the design in the required format for weaving
• Once the design is finalized, Le Jacquard Français weaves a sample using long staple cotton or linen threads for your final approval
• With final approval, your order is placed and will be sent to inspirati for final inspection
• The entire tap-s-tri process requires 3 months from conception to completion


The Canada 150 Tea Towel by inspirati for the tap-s-tri Collection

The Canada 150 Tea Towel being woven in Gérardmer, France

Design custom French tea towels with your own brand

Le Jacquard Français has been weaving the finest quality cotton & linen tea towels since 1888. Now available exclusively through the tap-s-tri Collection, you can sell or gift the world’s best tea towels.                      

The exceptional quality of Le Jacquard Français creations is attributed to their choice of materials because they weave with only the finest long staple cotton & linen threads. Their array of unique and custom colours allow you to create both bold and neutral designs, all while incorporating your brand identity and corporate imagery.

          The Bunchberry Tea Towel by inspirati for the tap-s-tri Collection

Why should you choose the tap-s-tri Collection?

• Woven on looms using long staple cotton & linen threads

• The colours are bold with patterns visible on both sides
• Design and colours last for several years without fading
• Long-lasting, making them a more environmentally-friendly product
• Serves as a branding device or as a collector’s item
• Your custom designed tea towel is a constant reminder of your organization with every use

For further information, contact wendy@inspirati.ca