Favourite Things - Tea Towels from inspirati

I am a lucky girl who gets gifts from my sister coming from inspirati in Calgary, in fact all my sisters are so lucky, and we are always excited to see their signature hot pink ribboned bags come into view. Our favourite gift is always Le Jacquard Francais tea towels. If you have never used/owned one then you have not lived! Gone are the days of streaky half dry dishes - these will rock your world! ( OK, we are talking tea towels but stay with me! ) These tea towels are made from long staple cotton threads are THE best at drying anything, and by the way, stunningly beautiful. So beautiful is the wall display of tea towels at inspirati - I think I counted about 40 different ones on display. And did I say beautiful? Every colour in the rainbow to match any kitchen or desire, with incredible impeccable tiny detailed designs, whether a scene in Paris, a countryside of grape vines, or fancy ABC's for children.

Not only do they look amazing, they perform, and they get better each time you wash them and throw them in the dryer. Now I have never cared for tea towels until I got my first one of these little beauties and now I never touch my old ones except as rags. When I travel, I have been known to have one in my suitcase in case a hotel or rental property does not have a "proper" tea towel: I even take them camping: they are in every picnic hamper - instant mini elegance outdoors: i use them regularly to proof my bread:

to cover warm baking or food from pesky flies in summer: as an instant splash of colour on our black bar top when setting down dishes: one of my sisters used them to brighten up old seat covers on an outside patio ( see photo at beginning of Blog ).

They are highly functional mini pieces of art! Mix and match away, they all play nicely together! I have only just started to discover just how wonderful and purposeful they are, let alone how they make my kitchen pop when on display. try them, you will be hooked, and do not forget they make incredible hostess gifts or sister gift : )   by Anne Corey

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